Qur’an 43:32 on Inequality and Discrimination (Listen)
Qur’an 13:11 on Change in Fortunes of a People (Listen)
Qur’an 9:119 on Fighting Social Injustice (Listen)
Qur’an 42:39-43 on Social Justice (Listen)
Qur’an 49:12 on Violation of Personal Privacy (Listen)
Qur’an 6:158 on Useless Faith (Listen)
COVID-19 – A Call to Worship Satan (Listen)
The Qur’an on “Guns” – 2nd Amendment Issue (Listen)
The Sharī’ah on The Fourth Amendment (Listen)
“Allahu Akbar!” – Call It What It IS! (Listen)
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Fear of Muslims – How Real? (Listen)
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Allah, the God of Muhammad? (Listen)

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